Passed in LA!

Passed in LA!

Postby babycarrot42 » Mon Apr 13, 2020 8:26 pm

Hey everyone! I passed the CSE right before "safer at home" was put into place. I'm sure that many of you are having to pause your studies given the current state of public health but I hope that you don't get discouraged and keep up the momentum!!

Here's my debrief and study plan - I hope that it is helpful to some or all of you:

My strategy for the last ARE exams that I took was to not overthink, accept that it is impossible to know EVERYthing, and try to focus on what is important from a life safety POV. I started with TWE and Woo study guides. I read the study guides and made note of information that I needed help remembering and/or was not fluent in. I reviewed TWE note cards and created my own from the notes that I took. I reviewed my flashcards every day until my test date, while "archiving" cards as I had them down. I reviewed the OMCES with TWE until I was comfortable with the information but found it to be redundant and very high level. Woo's study guides dig a bit deeper but have some obscure info. I didn't focus on the scores that I received via the practice tests - I used them as checklists for info that I needed to review further. I took the practice exams "open book" style - if I didn't immediately know the answer to a question, I would do online research to understand it further. I studied off and on for 4 months. Partially by choice and partially because I'm a working mom with a full time position.

Everyone has a different learning style, but I've found that I'm either too old or too busy to try and "cram and dump" and I had to understand the material holistically and apply it in order to retain it. Which is what is better for practice anyway.

Good luck to all you CSE candidates out there!! This was a long process for me and I am so happy to have finally completed this chapter. Good luck everyone and stay well out there!!
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