PDD & totally done! (2nd try - also rollover from 4.0)

PDD & totally done! (2nd try - also rollover from 4.0)

Postby architecta » Thu Apr 25, 2019 10:04 am


I posted in the PPD forum last week after my pass on that test and gave myself a week in between. I had already taken both of them once (failed PDD and then wasn't able to finish PPD due to evac at test center). Today my screen froze 4 times and I was moved to two different test stations and still managed to get this win so if you're feeling frustrated or down, remember - we are all having a whole assortment of issues and it's still possible to get through this.

Same as for study on PPD:

- Amber Videos
- Gang Chen practice exams

This wasn't a terrible bundle, but after taking the tests I realized I sorely discounted how many actual details and such would be on the exams. I did appreciate that there was less "architecture trivia" than 4.0 and more thoughtful questions to work through.

SECOND ROUND - success for PPD (I take PDD this week):
- Amber Videos (refresh on topics I felt weak in)
- Gang Chen practice exams (just to get more questions)
- Hyperfine Assignments & Case Study (this was huge, it got me to really dig into some areas I was missing knowledge in, at least ARE specific knowledge and the assignments are enjoyable in a way that trying to organize to study on my own is not)
- DesignerHacks practice tests (have 30 mins on a lunch break? Do a practice exam. Have 10 mins before dinner is ready? Do a practice exam. Can stay an hour late at the office before heading home? Take a practice exam.)

Only thing I did differently from PPD is that I reviewed the Hyperfine assignments the night before and went through all my flashcards I had made while watching the Amber videos.

Key things I knew I had to review:
1- quick visual of some different types of details
2- fire ratings, fire barrier/wall types, fire suppression systems, firesafing in details
3- basic structures equations, i'll be honest I didn't focus very much on actual equations, just made sure I could do some of the quick math ones - it was my sacrificial lamb for these tests
4- convection, radiation, conduction, evaporation (because I like to get these mixed up)
5- very quick run through of spec sections, just memorized a few keys ones and figured I could bumble around to figure out anything that was super rogue

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Re: PDD & totally done! (2nd try - also rollover from 4.0)

Postby BrendanLead » Wed May 08, 2019 5:33 am

Wonderful news on your pass!!! It must be an incredible feeling to have that weight off your shoulders!

Hopefully, next Friday will be my last exam, as I'm sitting for PDD.

ire ratings, fire barrier/wall types, fire suppression systems, firesafing in details

Which resources did you use for this, specifically the firesafing details?

Unfortunately, I don't have AGS, but I do have Building Const. Illustrated and Architectural Studio Companion.

Thank you :-)
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