Site Accessibility

Site Accessibility

Postby Pesadilla » Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:27 pm

Hi All-

I took the exam last week and just missed it by 2 points. The section I didn't do so well in was Design/Programming. I did not review the Site Accessibility and ADA portions thoroughly enough. I was expecting the usual interior clearance questions, but as people stated before, it's really important to know the site accessibility issues. The question I have is how to think about the site accessibility sections. Do we look for practical solutions to make the site accessible or do we go to all lengths to rearrange the site, etc to get the required accessibility-even if it involves multiple entities re-configuring everything. Again, the CSE does have subjective preferences on how we "should" be answering the questions. This was clear in a number of areas, the environmental questions, and others. Can anyone shed light on the relative "importance" of how much priority the accessibility aspects of the design should prevail? So many questions come down to two answers that are very close, and you need to decide which one is more important, or a little better. Unfortunately neither Doucette or Woo talk too much about how to evaluate accessibility. Woo gives all the code specifics but not a very clear conceptual approach. Any advice on that and on the programming/design POV for the exam would be helpful.
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Re: Site Accessibility

Postby Coach » Sun Jan 13, 2019 4:35 pm

Accessibility is paramount -- take a look at the continuing ed requirement. Focus on California access code, not the ADA.
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Re: Site Accessibility

Postby standard » Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:13 pm

With only general knowledge of the exam - my guess is you need to understand the difference between existing sites and “new” sites. For example there is a specific list of items in the CBC that need to be brought to current access codes when renovating an existng site. Even more granualar - if your construction cost falls under a certain threshold (somewhere around $200k but dont quote me on that) then you can gets some breaks on upgrading “everything.”

For a test like this you just need to understand the basic concepts and reasoning underlying these codes
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