Test in two days! Frustrated with Woo's mock exam

Test in two days! Frustrated with Woo's mock exam

Postby JassyLin » Wed Dec 26, 2018 12:10 am

I have been using David's study guide and flashcard until a few days earlier this week, my friend passed down his study material to me which has two Woo's mock exams. I have been doing great with David's online exams and kind of feel myself is "good to go". However, when I started to do Woo's exam today, I was completely thrown away by how poorly I did!!!! There are tons of questions I've never seen in David's material!!!! And there are some questions I believe David has opposite opinion about it.

I have test coming in two days and now I'm really frustrated. I just wonder if the real test will be as difficult as Woo's exam. Could anyone give me any good advice before the test? Thank you very much for any input!
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