Its a PASS & I'm DONE!

Mechanical & Electrical Plan Vignette and Multiple Choice

Its a PASS & I'm DONE!

Postby SLHruns » Tue Jul 24, 2018 8:18 pm

I finally PASSED my last exam and I am DONE! I took it the day before the transition deadline and it was my third take, smh. The first two attempts I studied the usual material and made a point to really dive into the MEEB book. The third time around, I took the AMBER video seminar and have to say to me that was the difference. It is well worth the money (do your best to sign up with someone to get a discount) and the visuals helped big time.

I managed to get a bad stomach flu the week before the exam and spent it sleeping after work. I also have two young boys and my wife was away for a week so things weren't exactly running smoothly. Thankfully I finished the AMBER videos the two weeks prior and also made a bunch more notes from the usual study material; Kaplan, Ballast, Gang Chen, videos on youtube, google, Jenny's notes, akikat's notes & the forum of course.

To all those still taking the exams, go in confident, trust your gut and persevere.

Thank you COACH for such a great forum and all those who commented on my posts.
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