Last to Pass in 4.0?

Last to Pass in 4.0?

Postby wws341234 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 8:08 pm

It has taken me 5 long years to finish this journey, and throughout the years like alot of you, i had to deal with so many fails and devastation. The very thought of receiving my final pass had became my personal wet dream. In 2016, i got married and had to put ARE on hold. That summer, after I got married and moved out, I crammed in 5 divisions and failed them all. Then soon after my son was born and i had to put ARE on hold again until 2017. Last year after 6 attempts I finally passed PPP, which became the tipping point for me. When i found my pass i was so happy a sudden rush of motivation took over. Suddenly, i realized i had a shot to finish this in 4.0, but it meant i had to cram in a crazier schedule, while juggling between work and my family. i moved on to fail BS again, then i failed BDCS. Then suddenly in May I passed BDCS at the same time, i found a slot in my test center to retake BS in the last week of June. I booked it without hesitation.
Last week, i took a new study strategy that worked for my last division, which was to not study until two days before the exam and cram everything in. Then came the test day. Long story short, i came out of the test center like I totally screwed it up. I felt so bad I didn't talk about it again. Then last night, after I came home i saw my result had came in. I quickly signed on to my account at the dinner table, but not before my wife took my phone and did the honour to look for me. I told her "just look for the word Fail and let's eat."

without any reaction to her face, she said "I don't see Fail, i only see a Pass."

I said, "You'd kidding me right? Are you serious?" Then i quickly took the phone and looked at it, and sure enough I miraculously passed. I was so overwhelmed, i just broke down (for a little bit).

Throughout the years, I always imagine i would find my pass in the office. Then I would throw paperworks into the air and shout "Hooray!" while my colleagues look on in disbelief. Then everyone would have a standing ovation while i pass out high fives. I never thought in reality, I would have my final pass be told by my wife, over our quiet dinner table with our son. Then I thought, what better way to celebrate my final pass than with people who are closest to me. Then i realized it couldn't had played out any better than it did.

I want to thank everyone on ARE Coach, including Coach, Sparky83, and everyone who had commented on my posts to get me here today. I also want to get the opportunity here to thank my wife, for her patience and emotional support, for all those weekends waiting for me at the library or Starbucks, and for being there to support our family.

now, on to CSE.

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Re: Last to Pass in 4.0?

Postby fburton » Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:05 am

Congratulations to you!!
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