reciprocal architect license in Mississippi?

reciprocal architect license in Mississippi?

Postby sbyrktct » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:25 am

Has anyone gone through the process of trying to get a license in Mississippi from out of state?

My firm (E/a) is contracted for an industrial project in Mississippi. We are registered in MS as an engineering firm and we have a PE registered there already.

As I went to obtain a reciprocal architect license, here are the roadblocks I recently encountered:
- an architect seaking reciprocal license in MS cannot be an employee of an incorporated firm outside of MS
- exception: if working with an out-of-state incorporated firm, the architect must be a shareholder in said firm
- or... the architect must be a sole proprietor with separate mailing address, letterhead, insurance, etc. (and there are several rules as to how you must format your name on drawings)

With that said... our firm is not guaranteed more work in MS through this small-ish project, so giving me shares in the company (which is not currently the plan based on my position) is not worth the effort. Also, creating a sole proprietorship with separate insurance is not worth it.

Apparently the MS Board of Engineers and the MS Board of Architects have very different rules.

Eventually, we called the local AHJ for this project and they said that they would accept drawings for permit with a PE stamp on all drawings and not need an architect stamp. So... all this runaround was for naught (at least on this project).

I did ask the MS Board secretary why these rules were in place for architects and not for engineers. She had no answer. She did say that the intent by the arch board was to make sure that the architect who seals the drawings is directly involved in the development of said drawings. This reasoning doesn't hold water with their shareholder exception.

My thoughts on this policy... it is protectionist for the benefit of MS architects and in-state firms.

Anyone else run into this mess?
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Re: reciprocal architect license in Mississippi?

Postby thd7t » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:30 am

I agree that this sounds like MS is trying to make sure that they have a local Architect of Record. It's probably an initiative to help local business.
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