Passed! + a warning for those about to take PPP

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Passed! + a warning for those about to take PPP

Postby jenabobena » Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:39 am

I just found out I passed PPP (I took it on June 11), and cried tears of joy at my desk at work. This was only my 2nd exam, and felt way more daunting than CDS. I gained 8 lbs in the 5 weeks I studied for this exam -- I was SO STRESSED. BUT I am here to report that it can be done!!

There were the typical WTF (5 total) questions on my exam about things I had never even heard of, and I marked 30 questions for review. During the Vignette, the screen at the top of my computer was flashing, there was major lag, and my cursor kept changing into an hourglass. I even had two cursors at one point. I alerted the testing facility and they did what they could (restarted the computer) but nothing helped. I learned to tune it out. I contact NCARB after, and they were less than helpful. Since then, I've seen many others post about the SAME experience and lack of help from NCARB. Apparently it is some kind of problem with the software due to the number of people taking exams and the transition to 5.0.

So, please just be forewarned that this may happen to you, and take a deep breath and try not to let it get to you! I practiced the vignette on really slow internet (using the in-browser vignette software from NCARB) and it had a lot of lag.. so I think that helped me stay calm and not get frustrated, because that is how I had been practicing.

What I used to study:

- Read all of Kaplan and took the practice exams over and over again. **** The most helpful!
- Read all of the relevant chapters in AHPP (Programming, Risk Management, Project Management, Project Delivery, Scheduling, Sustainable Design, Code). I still have my student copy from undergrad in 2005, so I just used that version.
- Caroline's Notes
- Skimmed Problem Seeking
- Skimmed Secretary of the Interior Standards for Historical Preservation - just enough to get the gist of each type... tried not to get hung up on specifics but just the main idea behind each type.
- Watched all of the free Black Spectacles videos on YouTube -- good help!
- I think I read every single thread on this forum back to 2015. haha
- Designer Hacks free quizzes until I got every question (it rotates the same 40 or so questions).

+ I have 2 degrees in architecture, and a minor in City and Regional Planning. All of those CRP and sustainability courses I took in school were great for this exam and thankfully I retained a lot of that information.
+ I've been a project manager in a small firm for 4 years (managed 7 projects from SD-CA) so I know the building and ADA codes like the back of my hand at this point. So I didn't study any codes or zoning things.

If any of you are testing this week, GOOD LUCK and remember to just take a deep breath and stay calm during the vignette. And maybe get yourself a massage after -- or before!

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Re: Passed! + a warning for those about to take PPP

Postby greek22 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:22 pm

I actually had the same exact thing happen to me!!! I couldn't believe it!! I've never had a PPP vignette issue after taking it numerous times and I was so angry it happened to me on my last attempt! Luckily, I passed also but it was very annoying to deal with!!

Congratulations on your pass!! I know now how great it feels!!
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Re: Passed! + a warning for those about to take PPP

Postby anaarchi » Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:31 pm

Thanks Jena for the heads up!

Totally can relate.

I just might eat my weight in queso getting thru the last weekend studying.
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Re: Passed! + a warning for those about to take PPP

Postby meeting minutes » Sat Jun 23, 2018 9:28 am

took my last ppp. and yes, the computer is so laggy in the vignette. i am not sure if its done on purpose. it started happening since march.

i go to the test center every month, thats why i know. normally would take me 30minutes to finish the vignette but i have to spend 50min instead because of the lag.

and there were so many questions thats unrelated to PPP as always.

result coming soon... crossing my fingers.
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