Intro and feeling on 5.0 ARE

Intro and feeling on 5.0 ARE

Postby kerzzo » Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:18 am

Hello all,
I am new here and promising myself to make time to get involve din this community.

I did a a transition from 4.0 ARE (passed CDS and PPP) and the reason is that I could never get around the NCARB vignette software and also felt the exam was not well aligned for me. That being said I tested for PA on 5.0 and did not have success on it the firs time. a lot of the questions caught me unguarded and I studied all the resources from 4.0 _ brightwood 5.0 material.

timing was a big issue for me, and had to guess the last case study. What I saw: a lot of SPD 4.0 questions which i was not quite ready for as I had understood the overlap was with PPP was more evident. I was wrong. I felt I did not prepare enough for the unexpected MEEB questions and also structural/soil.
I do feel the exam is better aligned with the practice regardless of the result I got and i wont be discouraged. I plan to take PPD and PDD next, probably close to each other and leave PA for last as I have to wait 60 days, Cheer up and don't let a fail get you down!
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