PASS and DONE!!!

Mechanical & Electrical Plan Vignette and Multiple Choice

PASS and DONE!!!

Postby isoken » Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:10 pm

I am finally done with the ARE's. received my last and final pass on Building systems after 5 years of taking the ARE and 21 exams for 7 passes. I am now registered in the state of Maryland - The feeling is so surreal !

I used this forum for Vignettes and topics I was not clear on
I also used the Amber online videos and Amber Book and I attended the live seminar in Virginia - I found the Amber seminar to be extremely beneficial in understanding the concepts, watched the video multiple times
MEEB - A MUST! - Review all the diagrams, photos and captions
DORF - Solutions Videos
Q&A - Amber book, Kaplan , Ballast
Nalsa Flashcards
I also used Mitalski Online Q&A -
Google any concepts or topics you don't understand

Must of all what worked for me was doing as many Q&A as possible, know the concepts know the formulas, -

I will like to say a BIG THANKS to Coach and all on this Forum who have commented on my Vignettes and given guidance. Couldn't have passed without this Forum. For all still taking the ARE, Just keep on taking these exams guys unitl you are done and if I could do this YES YOU CAN TOO!!!

Once again , THANK YOU COACH!!!
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