Structural Layout Vignette and Multiple Choice


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I just received a PASS of SS this morning and this was my last exam, it is such a huge relief! I am glad that I finished all of them in 4.0 before it gets retired. Great thanks to everyone who has replied to my posts and provided valuable comments! Special thanks to Coach for creating such an awesome forum for us!! Also strongly recommend Coach’s playbook for vignettes!!

For SS, I spent a solid two months studying non-stop to prepare for it, and I almost read everything people recommended in this forum. Even though I know I will still have a final chance to pass it had I failed this time, I just don’t want to put myself in that position, the “last chance scenario” is just too much pressure…… Here are what I used for SS:

-Kaplan study Guide and Q&A (I did 375 questions)
-Ballast study Guide and Q&A
-Gangchen mock exam
-Pro. Thaddeus seminar – definitely worth the money, I watched the videos after I studied both Kaplan and Ballast, which makes all the concepts much easier to understand.
-Jenny Notes- briefly reviewed
-B@R - Seismic and Wind
-FEMA (chapter 4,5,8,9) - Read once and listen to the audio while I am driving
-ArchiFlash – I only reviewed about half of the cards, takes a lot of time.
- NCARB 4.0 and 3.1 sample questions from the exam guide
- Coaches Vignette Video (3 days before exam)

As many people said before, this exam is heavily focusing on concepts, and the math questions are also testing your understanding of concepts rather than hard calculations. I actually memorized many formulas, and even though they were not used directly to solve the questions, they helped me understand the relationships between different factors.

Looking back to the whole process, I think all these exams are more about time. Everyone has a busy life, the hard part is to be very dedicated to the study and stick to your schedule strictly.

Finally I am done with it, thanks again to Coach and everyone, best luck to all!
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