Pass and Done!

Structural Layout Vignette and Multiple Choice

Pass and Done!

Postby mrsxag » Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:43 pm

I am so thankful for this forum, Coach and everyone who posts. I failed this exam two years ago almost to date when I was pregnant with my daughter (I did not study FEMA, B@R, Mitalski, YouTube, Jenny Notes, Coaches Vid. I only focused on Arch Exam Prep Audio and Thaddeus.)

I just received my Pass on SS which was my last exam. I passed BDCS one month ago.
3 years and 11 months to pass them all. I am pregnant with my 4th kiddo (ironically due June 30th - the 4.0 cut off) and have a 2yr, 7yr and 10yr. I work from home consulting for an Architect.
It is possible and attainable!!

My SS study material / schedule:
3.5 weeks - 4-6hrs a day studying / 4-5 days a week, (I did not study the two days before my exam except for two hours of review the night before.)
FEMA - recordings & reading
B@R - Seismic and Wind
Thaddeus - invaluable to me, really explains concepts so they are retainable and comprehendable. I was only able to watch these videos one time through. I really wish I had one more week to study to watch some twice.
Mitalski - The language and presentation is great for preparing for the language in the exam. Online mock exam questions really made me think. Chapters 1-3, then I switched to Thaddeus and went back to Mitalski for Mock Exam.
Coaches Vignette Vids - a must
ArchiFlash - when I was waiting to pick up the kids, waiting for them to fall asleep, out for a walk. ect. I would look at 5-10 at a time.
ARE Exam Prep Audio - while I was driving around but this was not the bulk of my studying this exam.
All YouTube videos for SS that I could find
Jenny Notes the night before

I finished the MC with 35 mins to go back and work on Calc questions and those I was unsure on but had made an initial educated choice. Out of the 125 MC I had 3 fill in the blank calcs I skipped, 12 more that I answered but still had marked at the end.

The graphic portion - I finished in less than 13 minutes. I spent another 15 mins re-reading the program just to be sure and triple checking I solved it in the most efficient manner. There was nothing more to do so I submitted the exam. I had never left an exam feeling relieved but this one I did. I walked out feeling cautiously optimistic.

Onward to CSE! I am hoping to squeeze it in before the baby arrives. We'll see.
Best of luck to you all!
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