Passed and DONE. NEVER give up, take it from me.

Structural Layout Vignette and Multiple Choice

Passed and DONE. NEVER give up, take it from me.

Postby ryhayes37 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:18 pm

Received my pass yesterday and I can't describe the feeling. I think it's worth giving a summary of what it took for me to get here so that someone else can have the confidence and determination to become licensed.

2008 - failed my 1st ARE 3.1 exam, CDS
2009 - passed 1st ARE 4.0, CDS
never failed a vignette. only failed one other exam, Building Systems, passed on the 2nd try
allowed FOUR exams to expire, retook and passed all AGAIN
failed Structural Systems FOUR times before passing this month, 10 years after taking my first exam

And now I'm licensed. Of course I don't recommend going about the ARE in any way shape or form similar to this. What's almost comical is I've had a productive career in the meantime. I've managed the construction of over a dozen custom homes and small businesses and designed dozens of others. I also recently established my own architect-led construction office in collaboration with my wife's successful practice.

For Structural Systems, buy Thaddeus. Spend the money because it's worth it for the exam and the occasional application in practice. You'll pass with Thaddeus, even if you don't on the 1st try. Gang Chen (excellent and accurate to the real exam questions), FEMA, B@R, Archiflash cards (even the old ones, I used the ARE 3.1 for all of my tests) and I guess Kaplan as a backup if you need a bit more info. Kaplan is just too general on some topics and too specific on others. And of course, use this forum.
Coach, thank you. Sbyrktct, thank you. Jenny (Jenny's Notes), thank you. Mike-SE (RIP), thank you. And thank you everyone who took 2 min of their time to comment or answer a post.

It's been a wild ride. Don't EVER give up.
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Re: Passed and DONE. NEVER give up, take it from me.

Postby StudyManny » Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:21 pm

You are Awesome! Congratulations!
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