Passed last exam

Structural Layout Vignette and Multiple Choice

Passed last exam

Postby vivovela » Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:49 pm

very excited to pass my last exam, heard a lot of scary things about SS, but it was much easier than expected.
Here is a summary of my study material. total study time about 3 weeks. 3-4hrs everyday.
1. Thaddeus (i didn't have much time, so I found thaddeus the most useful and concise. I watched the online seminar once, before going into Ballast. and reviewed study notes 3 times.
2. Ballast (read through SS, skipped most calculations. understand principle, memorize some important facts. Found a lot of questions directly from Ballast.
3. FEMA browsed, didn't get time to read BAR. I think Ballast and Thaddeus covered most of the two.
4. Archi flashcards for the last 3 days to recap everything and memorize key formular

I had quite some calculations in my test, and answered about 3/4 and skipped a few.
Lot of straight forward questions.

Vignette was harder than expected, a lot more complicated than the mock-up, I found thaddeus video on this very helpful too. practice twice two days before testing and asked coach for help here. That was very helpful. Thank you coach!!
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