Remember to "Mark" all unanswered questions

Structural Layout Vignette and Multiple Choice

Remember to "Mark" all unanswered questions

Postby brunwerk » Thu Dec 14, 2017 3:36 pm

This should go without saying, but please remember to "mark" any questions you skip on the exam to come back to later.
I followed Thaddeous advice today to skip all calculation problems and review them on the second pass thru.

However, I'm 95% sure that I did not "mark" all of the problems I skipped.
Probably because I had to pee so bad 2.5 hours into it and was trying to make the first pass before taking an "unscheduled break".
With all of that said, the rest of the time I only reviewed marked questions.
With seconds to go and while exiting the exam it prompted me that I had unanswered questions and i didn't have the time to see what they were or how many of them.
Please do not let this happen to you!

This would have been my 11th and last test altogether.
This mistake may have just signed me up for #12.

Sincerely, the 40 year old intern :/
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Re: Remember to "Mark" all unanswered questions

Postby kotharin78 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 6:10 am

Same thing happened to me. I only had a little coffee before the multi-hour MC part of the test...and im also the same age as you.. HA! Luckily, even with the clock running during my unscheduled bathroom break, I still did ok on the MC part ... so I hope you did well too!

best of luck
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