Structural Layout Vignette and Multiple Choice


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Got my result in less than 1 week!
So happy that I finished with ARE!!!! Weird that I do not have to study anymore and feel very relieved...Only failed site one time and the rest I passed in the first try. I am not a good example since I studied a lot and for long hours (or maybe I am a good example! however you want to think about it :D) ... Since English is my second language, which I learned way in my thirties, these exams were particularly challenging for me. I took it like I was doing a masters!
What I studied for this specific exam;
1- Kapplan. Easier than Ballast. Some mistakes but nevertheless I recommend it.
2-Ballast. More dense. Calculations more difficult. If you understand it you can solve whatever they throw at you.
3-Mike's notes.
4-Building at risk. Seismic and wind.
5-FEMA 454
6-FEMA 749
7-All spectacle videos I could find on you tube.
8- ArchiFlash cards.
9-Kapplan question and answers. Did 260 question out of the 500.
10-ARE Structural Systems, Sample problems and Practice exam.
11-Dorf and NCARB guidelines (for vignette).
12- Static and Strength of Materials. Jensen/Chenoweth. This is an old book but really help me with the static part...
13-Jenny's notes, read some pages but I wish I had time to read it completely!
14-Dilip Khatri videos, very good for statics!
I did not take Thaddeus or any other payed course... but I ended up paying for it anyway with tons of stress, time and frustration trying to figure things by myself. So definitely if I could start over, I will definitively do the Thaddeus course.
In general I could say that I watched any video I could find on you tube on lateral systems cause I considered is not that well covered on Ballast or Kapplan... In reality I used you tube extensively for any subject that I did not understand well.
Regarding the vignette, I posted my solutions and let Coach correct them.
Thank you Coach sooo much for your help on ALL these exams not only in vignettes but also in gral questions!!!!! COACH you are awesome and I will be forever grateful for all your help!!!! And thanks to everyone who commented on my posts... This forum is a live saver!!! :D
As you can see It was a lot of material but I wanted to be on the safe side. Better safe than sorry!
I wish everybody good luck, take this exams seriously if you want to pass first try (sitting for them more than one time is kind of masochist to me...)
Goodby to everybody and I will miss this forum but happy I am done and forever over with these painful exams!
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