SS Study Guides -Read this thread BEFORE you start studying

Structural Layout Vignette and Multiple Choice

SS Study Guides -Read this thread BEFORE you start studying

Postby Mike-SE » Sun Jun 02, 2013 4:28 pm

Find Mike's materials here: ... lder%2cpdf

I have written many guides for candidates to use while studying for the SS portion of the exam. The guide on the vignette was updated on 12-15-2013

They may be downloaded from my ftp site:

If you use McAfee site advisor you will get a warning about the site. But I have no malware on it that I am aware of.

I did not use either of these but understand that Marc Mitalski's self paced videos and the live seminars by David Thaddeus are both excellent sources for learning about structures

Here is the link to the IBC codes

AIA Buildings at Risk MANDATORY reading: wind - ... 016809.pdf
seismic - ... 016810.pdf

FEMA 454 pdf & txt files: Most candidates say they reading these guides is mandatory to passing the exam.

Truss and beam diagrams: ... cture8.pdf

FEMA audio files: The link no longer works

Jenny's study guides for all tests:
Marty's notes: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4074&p=12546&hilit=marty#p12546
Rich's notes: ... 0Notes.pdf

There are many other notes, cheat sheets and guides available, but the ones noted above are the best.

The Kaplan book and 500 Question exams have many errors. If you are using one of them look for the errata for the your version of the book. If you think an answer to a question is stupid, post it on the forum to find out if it is wrong.

I used the Ballast book that covers all of the exams, a good book without too many errors.

Some of the older versions of the book use codes that are different than the building code (IBC 2006) that is the basis of the exam. I discuss the differences in my guides.

I am done with the ARE and hope to write more about seismic to address comments I have seen from candidates that took the test.
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Ask questions!
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Re: SS Study Guides

Postby Mike-SE » Sat Sep 28, 2013 6:18 am

The guides are good for the 2009 code. The 2006 & 2009 IBC are based on ACE 7-05.
The difference in the structural section of the code is minimal and I doubt the writers of the test know them!
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