PASS SD Finally! (Made it right before 4.0 deadline!)

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PASS SD Finally! (Made it right before 4.0 deadline!)

Postby fare75 » Thu Jun 28, 2018 3:09 am

Thanks Coach, Sparky and Sbyrktct for reviewing my solutions! (they are all over on page 1 for the last month :lol: )

I passed some hard test (CDS, PPP...) at 1st attempt but failed SD (BL) shamefully at my 1st attempt :oops:
In BL there was programmed area which is also a circulation area... and I was like :shock: ...and FAILED

2nd time was a charm!
IL was easy. I finished in 30mins and spent 10 mins checking, then spent 10mins to set up Dorf table and a check list for BL, then went back to do more checking.
Unlike last time, nothing tricky in BL and I felt like I was working on a 3.1 BL program, so I can use the same approach to solve that puzzle game.
I left the exam room 1hr early and went snorkeling at the afternoon. :mrgreen:

Testing in Guam is awesome BTW. Usually I test in Hong Kong but they have no seat available at late June so I decided to fly to Guam (trying SD one more time is better than doing 5.0 PDD! ). Guam test center is very new since they relocate to their current location earlier this year. I think their peak season is CPA (accounting) exam which does not take place in this month, so there were plenty of empty seats when I took the test.
After exam you can enjoy beautiful beaches :lol:
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Re: PASS SD Finally! (Made it right before 4.0 deadline!)

Postby sbyrktct » Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:15 am

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