Quick Final Question - minimum drive and parking

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Quick Final Question - minimum drive and parking

Postby raustin1011 » Mon Apr 30, 2018 6:30 am

Testing in 2 hours, and keep going back and forth on what to trust:

Minimum 2 way driveway width:
Is it 24', seems to be considered best, but also is typically labeled as "recommended"
Or 20' - ballast minimum, *also considered minimum for firetruck access
Or 16' - Archiflash

Minimum 1 way driveway width:
12', seems most common
10' - Archiflash

Also, minimum parking space:
9x18 right?
9x19 is standard, or recommended

My gut is to just stick with 12', 24' and 9'x18' as minimums (if parking is referenced as standard, then 9x19)
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