Site Design - ALT1 - Review Requested

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Site Design - ALT1 - Review Requested

Postby malexisp » Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:44 pm

Good Evening Folks,

I'm testing Saturday so your review would be very appreciated! Screen captures with and without sketch lines. ALT1 program pasted underneath.

SPD- Site Design ALT 1.JPG

SPD- Site Design ALT 1-1.JPG

Program – ALT 1

A developer plans to build an Office Tower, a Restaurant, and a Pedestrian Plaza on the site, with parking to serve the new buildings.

1. Locate the 5-story, 60 ft high Office Tower away from the entertainment stage.
· The main entrance shall be visible from Bentley Avenue.

2. Locate the 1-story, 20 ft high Restaurant close to the stage.

3. Draw an 8,000 ft² Pedestrian Plaza.
· Locate the Pedestrian Plaza within the building limit lines near the stage.

4. The view of the service entrance of the Restaurant shall be blocked from the Pedestrian Plaza.
· The view of the Service Entrance shall be blocked by buildings and/or trees, as appropriate.

5. The Restaurant shall have a view of the stage.

6. The plaza shall be shaded by trees or buildings at noon.
· Assume a 45° solar altitude angle.

7. The Pedestrian Plaza shall be blocked from the prevailing winter winds.
· The wind shall be blocked by buildings and/or trees, as appropriate.

8. Draw a total of 34 parking spaces.
· 30 standard (9 ft x 18 ft) parking spaces are required.
· 4 universally accessible (12 ft x 18 ft) parking spaces are required.
· Locate the universally accessible parking spaces within 100 ft of the main entrance of the Office Tower.
· All parking spaces shall be perpendicular to the traffic aisles.
· No parallel parking is permitted.

9. Draw all traffic aisles and drives required to connect parking to the street.
· Drive-through circulation is required.
· Dead-end parking is prohibited.
· All drives and traffic aisles are automatically drawn at a width of 24 ft.
· The intersection of the access drive with the street must be perpendicular to the street for at least the first 20 ft of the drive.

10.Provide only one curb cut located no closer than 120 ft from the intersection of the centerlines of the two existing public streets.

11. Draw vehicular circulation to access the parking and service entrance.
· A service drive shall attach to the service entrance of the Restaurant.
· A turnaround or drive-through circulation is not required for the service drive.

12.Connect the Pedestrian Plaza, the universally accessible parking spaces, and the main entrances of the two buildings to each other and to the existing public walks with a continuous walkway system.
· The Pedestrian Plaza shall be considered part of the walkway system.

13. Adhere to the following general conditions:
· Paving on the site shall be minimized.
· Drives, traffic aisles, and parking spaces shall be no closer than 5 ft to a building.
· Buildings must be separated by a minimum of 20 ft.
· Provide a 15 ft setback from the STAGE for all construction or built improvements.
· No more than 15 existing trees may be removed or disturbed.
· No construction or built improvements of any kind shall occur over any other existing site feature.
· No construction or built improvements of any kind shall occur outside the building limit line except for direct vehicular and pedestrian access.
· Buildings shall not overlap the Pedestrian Plaza or parking.

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Re: Site Design - ALT1 - Review Requested

Postby Tesser2 » Fri Mar 16, 2018 8:39 pm

Nice job! I was working on this alt and had a bit of trouble killing trees, I think you did it with 13.
My only comment is about the use of deciduous trees to make the shade. The program did not call out for summer shade... just shade... so I assumed that meant you need to block winter sun too. So I think conifer trees are the right choice.

But this was helpful in having me think about summer shade, and the reason why there are 2 tree choices (something I will now remember here on out). Thanks for sharing your work.
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Re: Site Design - ALT1 - Review Requested

Postby cma52572 » Tue May 08, 2018 7:22 pm

Its my understanding that conifer trees are never a great solution to provide shade. I wouldn't think shade would be an issue in winter so if it just said "shade" I'd still assume that would be deciduous. am I wrong?
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