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Site Grading & Site Design Vignettes and Multiple Choice

PASSED & Transitioning

Postby BnyBen » Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:46 pm

The Site Design Vignette was harder than the practice ones; especially to get it done on time. So my advice: Practice laying out parking as efficiently/compactly as possible. On the exam, first place the buildings roughly in the right location to get the entrances as needed; keeping in mind the drives, walks, sun, wind, views etc. Then draw the parking. Then the plaza because it's more flexible. Another tip: place the drives individually without connecting them so they are easier to move around. Otherwise you spend a lot of time trying to manipulate one connected drive or messing with sketch elements. Also, practice trying to get it all done quickly!!

As for the multiple choice I would recommend reading up on lighting (i.e. lamp types), life cycle cost analysis, septic systems (i.e effluent vs sludge) and concrete walk construction (i.e. control joint spacing) among other things suggested on these boards.

On to 5.0 for me. Don't want to risk trying to get BS and SS done by June. Still have two years on my rolling clock.

Good luck everyone.
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