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Bldg Exposure Plane

Postby nemisys97 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:41 pm

I am just asking a conceptual question in regards to the angle that cuts the building profile. Is it possible for the bldg exposure plane to never cut the top profile of the building? For an example, the grade is going downhill. if both the elevation of the starting point of the exposure plane and the angle is low (ex. elevation is 50 and the angle of the line is 25 degrees) and the beginning section of the building profile is at a higher elevation (elevation is at 70). After incorporating the restrictions, (ex. 60 ft east, then to the maximum bldg line to 120) Assume these conditions lay within the section cut parameters. How would that be drawn? Would you draw until the the plane and the maximum bldg line intersect and go straight down? Or cut a portion of the building at the bottom (So it looks like its cantilevering from the ground? I'm just throwing different conditions out there. Cause even though NCARB and other sources gives alternate vignettes, I figured I tried thinking out the box since they throw everything including the kitchen sink at you on these exams. Your feedback will be most appreciated.
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