Aced MC but Failed Vignette for 4th time. What can I do?

Site Zoning Vignette and Multiple Choice

Aced MC but Failed Vignette for 4th time. What can I do?

Postby drummer03 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:13 am

I am having a very difficult and frustrating time trying to pass the Site Zoning Vignette for PPP. I have pas SPD and CDS and this is the only Exam that I need to even think about moving over to 5.0. I found Friday that I have FAILED this Exam for the Fourth Time and it was because once AGAIN I got a "3" on the Vignette in my Score Report.
I have tried many things:
-Practice NCARB vignette
-Posted NCARB Vignette Solution in this Site
-Watch Video on this vignette
-Bought NALSA alternative Vignette
-Uploaded that NALSA Solution in their website for them to review (They did not find anything wrong and it was a PASS)
-Studied Dorf's (im not sure if that how you spell it) Vignette samples and I understood it
-Watch NCARB Vignette Video (just in case I was missing something)
Everytime I have walked out of the testing center I felt overly confident that I have finally passed this Vignette. I have failed 3 different site zoning vignette four times! (I think the first time and 3rd time were the same)
I have aced the MC portion getting "1" in all the content areas. I truly do not know what else to do. it is very frustrating to know that I keep doing something that is Fatal (because of the 3s) and not knowing what it is! Im not blaming the NCARB but myself because there is obviously something different from all the practive ones I have done and the ones in the EXAM. The ones I have practice are actually more difficult that the ones Ive see on the exam. I typically finish with 30 miniutes left and I spend checking and rechecking anything to make sure I didn't miss or didn't read something.
Now I have to wait another two months. since I have SD, CDS and SPD passed someone at work suggested I continue in 4.0 and give PPP a rest.
I do not what else to do. if anyone will like to offer some advise or strategy I will welcome it.
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Re: Aced MC but Failed Vignette for 4th time. What can I do?

Postby thd7t » Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:50 am

First, I don't think that you should rule out 5.0 if the vignette is giving you such a hard time. Have an open mind about it.

Second, I found that having a system for the PPP Vignette was very helpful in passing this exam. Here's a list I made back in December. It's not comprehensive, but it was how I dealt with the vignette successfully. However, they might not let you make notes during the break any more. If this is the case, make your notes during the 5 minutes of "Instruction time". These vignettes always have a few elements in common, so have those ready.

1. Take notes during the break at your desk. Write down everything you know will be on the vignette, i.e. lot a, lot b, front setback, side setback, etc. Put two check boxes next to each. Leave space to add more info. Then, you'll use less time on notes and give yourself a way to check the work more quickly.
2. Draw gradeline first. You'll be less distracted by you other sketch lines and you can clean up afterward.
3. Do whichever lot seems easier first. For the 4.0 vignette, this is lot B. This helps you get a rhythm and work out kinks while moving fast.
4. Do building profiles last.
5. Check work using the checklist you made during break.

You can do this vignette!
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