PASSED all - 5 test method (takeaways and study methods)

PASSED all - 5 test method (takeaways and study methods)

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Hi Everyone,

I am so grateful for all of the insight I received on this forum. Below are my takeaways, brain dump and general guidance. Obviously, there are many different ways to pass these exams. It's all about PASSING the exams not about passing the first time or scoring 100%. Don't let your head get in your way and wait as long as I did, just start.

OVERVIEW (Education and Exams)
Graduated from 5-year NAAB accredited school in 2004.
Completed IDP in 2007.
NCARB signed off on IDP in 2008.
Started gathering materials in 2016.
Started studying in May 2017.
Pass; ARE 4.0 CDS - 6/5/17
Pass; ARE 4.0 PPP - 6/26/17
Pass; ARE 4.0 SPD - 7/25/17

**Transitioned from 4.0 to 5.0.

Pass; ARE 5.0 PPD - 9/25/17
Pass; ARE 5.0 PDD - 9/28/17

In general, I studied about 40-hrs per exam. Less for SPD. About 100-hrs for PPD & PDD combined.

I focused on a mix materials and found the practice exams were the most helpful to learn my weaknesses and then focus on those areas.

Most helpful study materials: Kaplan 4.0 2009, Kaplan 2009 flashcards, Ballast 4.0 2009, Ballast 5.0 2016, Shiff Harden Lectures (ALL), AIA contracts, Quizlets for terms, NCARB study guides, Wikipedia for misc unknown terms.

Most helpful reference materials: Skim the reference materials listed in the NCARB guide. Use practice exams to learn your weaknesses.

Still helpful but time consuming: Black Spectacles PPD & PDD for the PPD

Unsure: Black Spectacles for PDD. PDD was more technical than the Black Spectacle videos, the videos alone were not enough for me.

Good luck everyone!
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