Best Resources for Environmental Issues within CDS,SPD,PPP

Best Resources for Environmental Issues within CDS,SPD,PPP

Postby Yakety_Yak » Thu Aug 17, 2017 3:09 pm

I really need to find more study material to really grasp Environmental Issues within the CDS exam. I failed the Environmental Issues which is only 6-8 percent of the exam and the vignette and got a fail, WTH. I believe the Environmental Issues were in the SPD exam which I passed and is probably in the PPP exam which I haven't taken yet. But I just wanted to see if anyone has come across some resource that has really helped them with the Environmental Issues portion of the test. I just need new study material to get a fresh perspective on this exam. I have been comfortable with Are Prep and the Archiflash cards and I'm doing every exam I can get my hands on. I have read the green studio handbook and the LEED Green Associate exam prep book which actually helped me pass SPD.
Any suggestions you might have would be helpful.

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Re: Best Resources for Environmental Issues within CDS,SPD,P

Postby mimi » Fri Aug 18, 2017 6:04 am

The best resources I found for this subject were books about landscape engineering. In addition, there are assorted sources on the internet, such as storm water drainage techniques and regulations and processes, and government codes about storm water drainage protection and runoff.
I did not find any books dedicated to this subject, but there is a lot of information about hurricanes, wind and storm water issues on the internet.
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