ARE Review Manual 4.0 Versus ARE Review Manual 5.0

ARE Review Manual 4.0 Versus ARE Review Manual 5.0

Postby vrcat25 » Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:21 pm

I recently purchased the ARE review manual 5.0 and already own 4.0 and have noticed that most of the information is verbatim, but organized differently so that the chapters are grouped with the appropriate sections. I also noticed that the 5.0 manual is significantly larger. I'm not sure if it's because there's added information or if the text is larger. The font does seem to be different and some of the text is blue. Does anybody know why the book is larger and of any other differences? Even if it's the same information, i don't regret my purchase since it is much more convenient to have the divisions organized in line with 5.0.
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Re: ARE Review Manual 4.0 Versus ARE Review Manual 5.0

Postby testingtesting » Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:54 pm

I also found that the PPI 5.0 review manual to be verbatim for the majority of the chapters (only looked at PPD and PDD). It's so verbatim that they've still kept some verbiage referencing old chapter numbers.
The only significant update I saw was that the chapters relating to sustainability were updated with a few paragraphs. However, to me the relevancy of the added information is negligible unless you graduated over 15 years ago and have had no work experience on sustainable projects.

I found it to be helpful also because they did the hard work of reshuffling chapters as their best guess for the 5.0...but my office had purchased the book so I would have not purchased on my own as I already had 4.0. If you have a friend who has the 5.0 book, just look at the indexes in 5.0 and piece together from 4.0 to save the money.

After taking the PPD and PDD test, I think the PPI review manual was overkill on structural calculations, did not have enough detailing examples for assemblies and in general, poor to use if it's your only resource to studying.
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