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Good morning,
I find it very challenging dealing with EESA, after paying $2,225, I am stuck with 9 credit efficiency's, 3 in English, which is not a problem, 3 in ethics and 3 in laws and regulations, they are suggesting I take 2 courses that will cost me over $7,000, one of them has nothing to do with either laws and regulations nor ethics. Every-time I call they tell me to look int he guidelines to figure out what I should do. Every time I send them courses to approve, they send me back other courses that are not available. I have been wasting hours every day for the past month and got no where, I am ready to start my ARE5 and can't. Any advise?
Thank you
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Postby techtonix » Sat Aug 05, 2017 11:21 pm

Write a letter or call your state licensing board representative. They are a government official in charge of many licenses for your state and are not beholden to NCARB. They might be able to put pressure on NCARB on your behalf.
Are you already licensed in another country?

I'm very sorry you have to deal with this, it sounds horrible.
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