NCARB Certificate vs. AIA membership

NCARB Certificate vs. AIA membership

Postby STL » Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:05 am

I finally passed all the ARE exams and finished my AXP. Now what?
I've heard mixed reviews on AIA membership and NCARB Certificate enrollment for easy reciprocity for licensure in other states. Any recommendations? Is there already a topic on this in the forum that I missed?

thank you!
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Re: NCARB Certificate vs. AIA membership

Postby kerzzo » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:46 pm

AIA it's like a brand, but personally I prefer having the NCARB certificate.
Also, AIA has gotten very expensive.
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Re: NCARB Certificate vs. AIA membership

Postby archijive » Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:41 pm

If you think you ever plan to work in another state or move to another state, then NCARB is the way to go. If you just want to join a trade organization, then the AIA is the way to go. They are very different animals and offer different benefits. The only similarity is that they are both very expensive and ultimately not even close to being necessary. You might also consider if this is something your employer would pay for. Some employers pay for your AIA dues. If so, then possibly do both. One paid by your employer one by you.
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Re: NCARB Certificate vs. AIA membership

Postby dab11 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:25 am

Check what your cost of the NCARB certificate would be. NCARB will waive the initial fee if you've never had your record lapse. That's a $1500 savings so I'd highly recommend that if you can take advantage. The only real advantage I've found of AIA membership is that they keep track of your CE transcript and your local chapter will offer HSW credit seminars, which are also a great way to network within your local Architecture community. To echo what another user said, find out if your firm will pay the dues.
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