Pass! Here's what I studied...

Pass! Here's what I studied...

Postby Lovsak » Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:10 am

I took the exam here in Washington state on Saturday. I am a notorious answer-changer when I go back through my marked questions, and I tend to fly through the questions, which has caused me several fails on BDCS before I switched over to 5.0. On this one, I set out to use all of the time allotted to read through the entire question twice and use the strikethrough tool to help me through each question. It really helps to visually narrow the options. I used all of the time, skipped questions when I knew it was just a math problem so I could get through all of the questions in time. Then, I went back through all of my incomplete answers and answered as best I could. I did NOT review my marked questions. I decided to stick to my gut and keep the first answer. At the end of the test, I was certain I failed. There was alot of content covered (though I did feel I had read at least a little about everything that came up).

I was unaware of the 'provisional feedback' tool and found out I (most likely) had passed! Truly shocking since I felt well-prepared but get so psyched out when I get stuck between 2 options on the M/C. Got my official pass on Sunday.

Here's what I studied (for the 3 weeks leading up to the exam, about 8-10 hours per week):
1 - MEEB
2 - Designer Hacks for PDD (I used this ALOT, over and over and over)
3 - ArchitectExamPrep for PDD (I thought these went WAY too deep - ESPECIALLY the flash cards. I'd do well on Designer Hacks and then bomb the tests from AEP because they were SO technical and in depth imo)
4 - PPI 5.0 Ballast (Revised) Manual (no tests)
5 - Youtube videos on refrigeration cycle, structural calcs and diagrams, lumber types, metals and oxidation, and any deficient categories on the practice tests.

My recommendation is to really understand the CONCEPT of the topics and focus less on the exact calculations. Ie; focus on what shear and moment diagrams tell you, and less on memorizing the process. Knowing all the formulas won't do you any good if you don't know when to apply them.
One left for me, PPD looking to schedule within the next week and a half to keep the content fresh in my head.
Good luck!
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