PDD-Test, Passed, Done!

PDD-Test, Passed, Done!

Postby lingo » Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:43 pm

Just passed PDD! Thought for sure I had failed due to poor time-management leaving me with only 20 minutes to answer 20 case-study questions. 60 minutes for the case-studies would have been preferable. But somehow I passed.
And now, after 25 years of taking these tests in all forms and methods -- like by hand! -- I have passed all and am done.
The version 5 exam is so much better than any of the others. The drawing vignettes always killed it for me. Now its just knowledge and questions. The questions fit our architectural knowledge base -- instead of being difficult for testing-sake.
I was amazed how few structural questions there were. More about lighting intensity and insulation values than anything else.
Ballast is better than Brightwood (Kaplan) -- which is just rehashing their v4 books.
Learn all the basics about the different topics in lighting, structures, cost analysis, wall assemblies, thermal insulation values, etc. But don't get too caught up in thinking you need to be fluent in any of them. It is like more of PPD.
Good luck, and after all these years testing -- GOOD BYE.
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Re: PDD-Test, Passed, Done!

Postby tmston2 » Mon May 01, 2017 10:25 am

BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!, im right behind you & wish you the best
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