PDD - Topics to study

PDD - Topics to study

Postby Renaissanceman » Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:53 pm

I have already attempted and failed PPD. I am moving on to PDD and hope to clear this one in the first attempt.
For PPD I did manage to read 80% of the Ballast 4.0 guide (SS - Ch 10 to 15, Ch 21-26, BS - Ch 27 to 33, BDCS - Ch 35 to 44) and made my own notes out of them.

The following are the items included in my study list:

- My noted from PPD (based on ballast 4.0 guide)
- My notes for PPP, SPD and CDS (mored emphasis on CDS and just reading through other two)
- Jenny's notes SS, BDCS and BS
- Look through Building construction Illustrated
- Go through Building codes Illustrated
- Architectural Graphic standards
- Go through Fundamentals of BC & M & M - Joseph Iano (I do not have Olin's)
- SS chapters from Ballast 4.0 guide that I did not go through for PPD ( Ch 16 to 20 - includes connections, wood, steel and concrete design & construction)

I am looking to see if there is any other material that I can study in addition to the above list. Also are there any relevant study material for cost estimation for the kind of calculation in the NCARB sample questions.
Help and suggestions would be invaluable!

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Re: PDD - Topics to study

Postby tmston2 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:24 pm

I basically used the same list of study material, only thing i can suggest is 3.1 quizs, I have manage to come across ballast 5.0 practice exam & find many of the questions are same as 4.0 practice exams & even have the same identical qiestions in different 5.0 sections. also here is a link to practice website http://are-review.blogspot.com/search/l ... ystems?m=0

also i believe somewere here there is a link to meeb practice questions online with answers, if u cant find it let me know & i wil post
Godspeed friend
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