Pass PPD!!!

Pass PPD!!!

Postby lnuh » Sun May 26, 2019 3:59 am

I am so happy to open the NCARB account and see that PASS for PPD !!! After three attempts and lots of frustrations it was about time!!! I wanted to give all of you that didn’t pass yet a reason to keep studying and keep testing because you will get there!
I still have PDD left and only 4 months left on my clock...:) I must pass PDD!

I wanted to thank Michael with the ARE boot-camp! I am signed up to start in June but we already had a welcome session and his advice and study resources have helped me tremendously!!!

Also I want to thank Pluralsight ( you have an amazing course) and Designer hacks ( questions are so aligned with the exam)
And obviously ARE exam prep listening while driving to the office!

Last but not least Amber videos are excellent!

Other than those i read Building construction illustrated and IBC book, black spectacles and Architectural Studio Companion book.

Also I wanted to thank forum and the people posting the questions and answers :) please go thru all the questions and try to spend less time reading the fail posts and more time reading the actual questions :)

Good luck to all! On to are bootcamp and PDD exam final mission!
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Re: Pass PPD!!!

Postby greek22 » Sat Jun 01, 2019 3:49 pm

Congratulations!! What did you do differently the third time around ? Like you, I already took the exam twice and failed but I'm not sure how to approach it this time around.
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