PPD pass rate and difficulty vs PDD

PPD pass rate and difficulty vs PDD

Postby pecos » Tue Dec 18, 2018 11:08 am

First time posting, long time reader. I have passed all exams except for PPD. I passed PDD on the first time, and all other exams in one try except for PPP in 2 attempts. However, I just failed PPD for the 3rd time - and I have to admit, I truly don't know how else to prepare for this exam, and I feel its going to boil down to me getting a different version of the exam for a pass. I have followed NCARB's recommended materials (within reason) and even used the Amber videos when I studied PPD & PDD in conjunction. I tried Black spectacles, but too generic. So - in terms of preparation, I don't know what else to tackle, other than just keep refreshing, taking notes in weak areas and taking whacks at this exam every 2 months. Are we to believe PPD is THAT much more difficult than PDD? What are the chances NCARB looks at the fail rates for PPD and alter course? It seems this one is a nightmare for many. I have had a mostly good experience with testing - but this exam is crushing me. Last one, serenity now, serenity now.
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