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IBC 303.1.3 Question

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 10:07 am
by JabariG
I’m a little puzzled by IBC section 303.1.3 Associated with Group E occupancies

A room or space used for assembly purposes that is associated with a Group E occupancy is not considered a separate occupancy.

Does this mean if a gym in a school meets the criteria for an Assembly (A) occupancy group (recreation, greater than 50 people or 750 SF in area), then either…
a) the gym is considered an Assembly (A) occupancy group but not a “separate occupancy”?
b) the gym should be treated as a large Educational (E) occupancy group like most other rooms in a school?

If the answer is a) what is a “non-separated occupancy”? Does this mean only fire separation is not required between the gym and other classrooms, or are there other requirements to qualify as a “non-separated” room?

Any clarifications on this will be welcomed :D

Re: IBC 303.1.3 Question

PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 12:28 pm
by ccolley12
In short, the answer is A.

Your example is a good one... they gym would need to be classified as an assembly space, so the occupant load factor generates the number of exits and the restroom counts as well... but, it is associated with the overall Educational occupancy, so it isn't a separate occupancy. Typically there is a fire separation that would need to be provided between classrooms and the gym.. but like most code related questions, it greatly depends on the specific plan.

Re: IBC 303.1.3 Question

PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 3:00 am
by JabariG
Thanks ccolley12!!