Funkaar Institute-Fair warning

Funkaar Institute-Fair warning

Postby blancovero » Tue Jan 30, 2018 10:32 am

Last night I bought a mock up test for PPD (I paid 30 dollars), the mock up test allows you to use the test for a week and submit the test twice for grading.
Such a rip off!!!! The test is so far away from the real PPD test, the mock up test is mostly trigonometry questions, about forces in beam, shear and moment diagrams, etc. but nothing related to the real PPD test, which I took already twice and I failed.
The desperation in trying to successfully pass the last 2 tests I have left (PPD and PDD) make me consider to use Funkaar institute tutoring, I asked them in how much money and they quote me over 7K Absolutely crazy money, so I thought "let me check their mock up exam and let's see"; well if the tutoring is as useless as the mock up test this people should not be allowed to offer any services to people like me (which I am assuming there are more people like me) who are desperate to pass the test and get back into real life.
So, fair warning, DO NOT spend your hard earned money with this people.
I scheduled my third try on this one for February 14th,,, let's see
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Re: Funkaar Institute-Fair warning

Postby toshea13 » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:26 am

how'd you're last attempt go?
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