Passed / PPD Study Materials

Passed / PPD Study Materials

Postby lifeasgonzo » Fri Jun 23, 2017 8:12 am

Took PPD yesterday after studying for 3 weeks and found out this morning that I passed. While studying I found the other "study material" posts on ARE Coach very helpful and wanted to share my own:

Brightwood ARE 5.0 PPD Study Guide: Read this front to back, with the exception of anything covered in Site Planning and Design, as I took that a few weeks ago. I felt that as a study guide it focused too much on the particulars of Structures and Assemblies and too little on Acoustics and Building Systems, though your mileage may vary as that impression could have more to do with my pre-existing comfort level than with the study material. Three weeks isn't long enough to study this whole book if you're working the fifty to sixty hours architecture jobs unfairly demand these days and I would have been far more confident going in if I had one more weekend that I could have spread my studying across. It would still have been a lot of studying (10 - 15 hours per week), but I could have taken my time with some of the chapters.

ArchiFlash: I have an old set of ArchiFlash ARE 3.0 cards that I used to study. I went through the stacks for Building Design / Materials & Methods, Electrical & Mechanical Systems and Lateral Forces. I credit these flash cards for all of the exams I've passed. I recommend the physical flash cards over the digital app because then you can share them.

Other: If you don't work at an office where you perform code analysis or assess plans for accessibility compliance, I would get familiar with the process for doing that. Working through the Case Study provided by NCARB on their test exam might be good enough?

That's it! I came out of the exam yesterday feeling better than after CD&S and worse than after SP&D... The most difficult part of this whole process was definitely studying, as I had no idea how I should limit the scope of my materials. There's definitely a breadth of material on this test to be familiar with, though as long as you're conceptually confident with the material you should be able to navigate the exam.
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Re: Passed / PPD Study Materials

Postby kerzzo » Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:22 pm

congrats! this is my next one...!
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