Stupid Pond Scenario NCARB feedback

Stupid Pond Scenario NCARB feedback

Postby stubscook » Sat Nov 23, 2019 11:36 am

I found a few NCARB responses on a thread in the ARE Community regarding the stupid pond scenarios, that I found interesting and would like to share:

...keep in mind one key aspect of questions on the ARE: you only need to answer the specific question you're being asked. If the question doesn't mention wind, then assume you don't need to consider wind. If the question only mentions daylighting, then focus on that.

You're on the right track in understanding the many factors that could be considered, so that you can confidently evaluate a specific factor presented in a question. Just stick with what you're being asked and don't read more into it. Hope this helps.

what if you're merely asked for the best location for a building? Questions on the ARE are written to have only one correct answer. There will always be enough information provided so you can make an appropriate judgment in answering the question. A question that asks for a "best" whatever will also give you at least one criterion on which to make that judgment.

Consider PA Sample Item 5 in the ARE 5.0 Handbook (pp. 62-63). That question asks you to locate a building, and there's a lake nearby, and there's also a bunch of other factors you need to consider. But the climate isn't provided, and there's no information on prevailing winds or acoustic issues. So it's entirely safe to assume that those issues are not relevant for this question. The only impact of the lake on the site selection is that it helps maximize the required view. Reading anything more into this question unnecessarily complicates it.

...there's no way for candidates to know that a particular question is causing them to fail, or for that matter if it's even contributing to their score.

Then they closed the thread.
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