Passed the PA

Passed the PA

Postby schwein » Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:58 am

Hi Everyone,

I found out I passed the PA this morning, my biggest recommendation is STUDY TEST QUESTIONS!!! reading the books has never helped, me. Perhaps its my reading comprehension or lack of interest in the specific material but reading the books has not helped me study for any of the tests i have taken. I love the designer hacks questions as they make me think about different aspects of the test and then go online or to a book to look up the answers, the action of doing so really helps me memorize specific information.

The test was not incredibly hard, albeit taxing, I found CDD and PPP much more difficult form a memorization standpoint. Much of the PA is strategic thinking in terms of the question at hand and making an educated guess as to the most efficient solution.

Either way, good luck to everyone, I am on to PDD next!
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