Massive ARE 4.0 Study collection for sale!

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Massive ARE 4.0 Study collection for sale!

Postby Koolhaus » Tue May 01, 2018 11:22 am

I am all done with testing, and have a huge amount of study materials to sell. I want to sell everything at once because I just don't have the time to sell individually.

Everything below: 280$ shipped

Ballast PPI 2015 are review Manual: Good condition
Jenny Notes: All divisions: Free to somebody who buys all this stuff!

Building Systems
Kaplan 2014 Flash Cards: Damaged box
Kaplan 2014 Questions and Answers: Good condition
Kaplan 2014 Study Guide: Good condition

Structural Systems
Kaplan 2014 Flash Cards
Kaplan 2010 Study Guide: Good Condition

Building Design & Construction Systems
Brightwood 2016 Flashcards
Kaplan 2012 Study Guide: Good condition

Programs, Planning & Practice
Brightwood 2016 Study Guide: Some underlines/ highlighting
Brightwood 2016 Flash Cards: Good condition

Construction Documents & Service
AIA document commentary
Caroline Notes
CDS contracts
Kaplan 2012 Study Guide: Some Notes
Kaplan 2012 Question and Answer: Some Notes
Kaplan 2012 Flash Cards: Good condition
Brightwood 2016 Flash Cards: Good condition

Site Planning & Design
Kaplan 2009 Study Manual: Highlighting
Kaplan 2009 Study Manual: Good condition
Kaplan 2012 Questions and Answer: Good condition
Kaplan 2012 Study Guide: Highlights
Brightwood 2016 Flashcards
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