Finally Done - Large Collection to Buy!

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Finally Done - Large Collection to Buy!

Postby mclaw131 » Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:33 am

All -
Getting through the exam can be done. I literally took 5 years (plus two weeks), technically three exam changes from when I started studying (3.1 to 4.0 to 5.0), the ARE black out period (hence the 5 years and two weeks), and was 66 days from losing my first exam and essentially starting all over (CDS, would mean I'd lose three exams). Life gets in the way, but until you put the pressure on yourself to finish, you will find things you'd rather do and put it off.

As a result of passing my final exam, I have a lot of resources to share, and maybe sell. Please contact me if any interest you, plus shipping:

Kaplan 4.0 2011 Study Guides for BDCS, BS, PPP, SPD, SS- $20 ea
Ballast 4.0 Manual - $50
Ballast 4.0 Practice Exams and Sample Questions for BDCS, BS, PPP, SD, SPD, SS- $10 ea
Architects Studio Companion, 3rd Edition - $30
Building Construction Illustrated, 3rd Edition- $25
MEEB 7th Edition- $30
Fundamentals of Building Construction, 5th edition - $40
Building Codes Illustrated, IBC 2012 - $55
Sun, Wind and Light - $60
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