Looking to Make Room after passing the ARE

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Looking to Make Room after passing the ARE

Postby Farmall12 » Thu Feb 08, 2018 1:54 pm

So I am really just trying to get rid of this material to make room on the book shelf. If you think you can use some of these things let me know. Not looking to make a profit, just freeing up some space. I have one fellow who has first dibs, so some items may not be available if he selects them.

Current available list as of 3/2/2018

Archiflash - success in a flash complete flash card set (for 4.0), most of the basic information would be pertinent with 5.0, but combining the 4.0 sections to correlate to the 5.0 setup SOLD

Structural Design - A practical guide for architects by underwood and chiuini, a good basis for structural design principles SOLD

The Architects Handbook of Professional Practice - 13th edition. Still pertinent articles on pro-practice, but you would have to reference the newer AIA documents provided by NCARB. SOLD

Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Buildings - 3rd edition by Janis and Too, a better book to read to get a grip on those systems compared to the excessive and dry information found in MEEB.

Fundimentals of Building Construction - Materials and Methods 5th edition by Allen and Iano, good basic construction information and detailing. I have the third edition as well, pretty much both are the same.

ARE Review Manual - second edition by Ballast, good basic information for the 4.0 exams, can still be used for the 5.0 but follow the test transition model to know what sections to study.

Sustainable Construction for Green Building Design and Delivery - second edition by Kibert, correlates to a more advanced level of sustainable design elements compared to sun, wind and light.

Building Codes Illustrated - 4th edition by Ching - A necessary read for those of you who are not proficient with the IBC. Many of the exams will use information from the code so you best know it! This one is based on the 2012 code. Not much of a jump to the 2015 IBC, there is allot of information out there on the differences between the older and newer code revision. SOLD

Construction Documents and Services (CDS) ARE Mock Exam - Gang Chen, good for those trying to get the big 3 4.0 exams out.

Solutions by Dorf, the bible for those of you taking 4.0 exams with a vignette.

Send me a message if something tickles your fancy. I will try to keep this up to date as things become unavailable.
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Re: Looking to Make Room after passing the ARE

Postby Joz » Wed Feb 14, 2018 7:16 am

Interested in Ching BCI, please and thank you. :)
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