TWE Monopoly

TWE Monopoly

Postby cloudyy » Tue Oct 23, 2018 9:39 pm

Just wanted to rant for a second.

The Whole Enchilada package is riddled with inconsistencies and things that are incorrect. His audio files are terrible--sounds like someone who wants to start a podcast at home but really has no business doing it, it's just a spoken word version of the study guide (which is already filled with copy-and-paste repeated filler sections) but he can barely read it out loud without tripping over words to the point of being practically inaudible or getting things confused. I know many people have used this before to pass and it's solid in many ways, but it makes me sad that he has such a racket since he has no (real) competitors. And yes, I know I can/should/do use primary sources too.

Please feel free to change my view, give me hope. Or commiserate.

Re: TWE Monopoly

Postby standard » Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:52 pm

Yeah I had some similar thoughts when I was using his materials. I actually emailed him about some things that were incorrrect and has nice about it and gave me some good pointers of things to study. It sucks that it looks like his site is hacked.

His stuff is pretty low budget but you just gotta roll with it - its got the main info you need. The errors (a bit inexcusable from my view) are not really going to cost you mistakes on the exam but it is very annoying.

I got used to his podcasts driving to work. I used it not really to learn persay but to keep all the info in the front of my mind by hearing it out loud.
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