Pass in SF

Pass in SF

Postby MArch83 » Tue Mar 27, 2018 9:48 pm

Lurked on this channel a lot this weekend. Passed in SF - I would NOT recommend my hyper-crunched 2-week study time, as I was hella anxious. But for me, the cram method sometimes works out and I am not a terrible test taker. For folks that have history of mixed results on test taking, definitely take as much time as you need to study! I was in a pinch because I will be traveling for most of April-May and wanted to get it done. But if I had had a different schedule, I think a month would have worked out for me. (Again, not recommending that it would work for everyone... but it can be done).

I used the WE but the outdated version, kind of by accident. I suspect there's plenty of overlap with the content from pre- to post-March 2017, but there are some gaps. I didn't listen to the audio - just used the outline and made my own flashcards which helped cement the content. Referenced a few resources he linked to when I didn't have much familiarity, but didn't go overboard.
I looked at the Woo outline and practice tests but got frustrated with the typos and was skeptical about some of his questions that I put that aside fairly early.
I spent a lot of time with the AIA contracts. Underlining, circling, marking them (A201, B102 & B201) up until I feel like I could recall sequences and dates and details.

I'm sure I got lucky on some questions and my confidence was wavering at many points. Sometimes the questions were worded terribly -- like, they weren't even real sentences or the logic of the question-answer didn't match structurally. I tried not to get hung up on those questions and just marked them and went back and tried to channel CAB to figure out what they *meant* to ask. And finally, experience helps. Always nice to relate a question to a real-life experience you've had in the field or heard of in the office.

Others have said this but to reiterate - SF has lockers, the bathroom's a long way away, but there's a nice calming fountain in the entry lobby where you can look over your notes if you get there early. Also a cafe.
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