Passed in SF

Passed in SF

Postby sfarchi21 » Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:26 pm

Thanks to everyone on the forum, I've been a longtime lurker and really appreciate the community here.

A few things I found surprising logistically..if you go to the Bayview test center in SF, there are actually lockers, despite what the confirmation email says, it's very similar to the prometric setup. Also, the bathrooms are quite far from the room, I ended up jogging to and from the bathroom, just to not waste time, I bet I looked strange, but it helped

As for the study time/method...I studied for 1-2 hours every morning, using TWE and Woo's guide, and I took about 7 weeks to study. First I read as I listened through TWE study guide. Then, once I got through that, I started going through TWE practice tests, and created my own flashcards using those as a guide for the ones I had trouble with. I've been using an app called Quizlet to create flashcards I can review on the go, I'd highly recommend it. After each practice test, I'd do a review of all the things I had trouble with, and dove deeper into what the question related to. By my fourth run of TWE practice test, I was scoring above 90% (as someone had previously advised getting to). Then, I started on the Woo guide, read through it quickly (it's a different approach, and a little tough to switch). Mainly, I used the practice exam as a real test of knowledge, timed myself, and reviewed what I had gotten wrong.

As for material...It was a healthy mix of what I had seen on both TWE and Woo. Some of the more straightforward code questions/understanding of TWE, but also, a bunch of the trickier questions that you see in Woo's guide. I think having both guides and example questions was really helpful to get used to how you could get "tricked" but that's just me.

It was really helpful to see people posting their passes, as well as those posting interesting questions, thank you to all. I'm a new mom to a 6 month old, and wasn't sure I could get through this, but here I am, with a pass. If I can do it, you can too. Best of luck to all you preparing!
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