Test in two days! Frustrated with Woo's mock exam

Test in two days! Frustrated with Woo's mock exam

Postby JassyLin » Wed Dec 26, 2018 12:10 am

I have been using David's study guide and flashcard until a few days earlier this week, my friend passed down his study material to me which has two Woo's mock exams. I have been doing great with David's online exams and kind of feel myself is "good to go". However, when I started to do Woo's exam today, I was completely thrown away by how poorly I did!!!! There are tons of questions I've never seen in David's material!!!! And there are some questions I believe David has opposite opinion about it.

I have test coming in two days and now I'm really frustrated. I just wonder if the real test will be as difficult as Woo's exam. Could anyone give me any good advice before the test? Thank you very much for any input!
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Re: Test in two days! Frustrated with Woo's mock exam

Postby macgyver » Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:37 pm

Hi Jassy,
Just curious how you did on the exam?
I also noticed the Woo Practice Tests are much harder then David D's, so was wondering how it applied to the actual exam. Testing soon, and using both sources.
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Re: Test in two days! Frustrated with Woo's mock exam

Postby b5000 » Tue Mar 05, 2019 11:54 pm

Yes - same here. Some bad grammar and very confusing questions. His answers are also confusing and the reasoning is not very clear. After reading his explanations in the answer section they do make sense. Though I do feel that at least in that regard he simulates the badly worded and purposely confusing questions on the exam. I'm had the same experience of a loss of confidence after looking at the Woo mock exams. The Woo test material does cover CAL green more in depth and completely than Doucette material. After 4-5 reads of the Woo material I feel that I had a better grasp of the material. Keep reading the Woo material and the mock exams again and again.

Actually passed today - and I actually did not believe it - as the testing staff in the matrix like testing center were taking what seemed like an eternity to put in the correct colored paper into the laser printer to print the results...it was excruciating to wait to see the results printout. finally saw the pass and I couldn't believe it. A bit of a shock - but a good one - took me awhile to get up out of the testing centers check in / check out desk chair.

OK - the Woo test material definitely helped - though I felt again the word games and purposeful confusion in the question wording. I get the sense that most of the candidates who study the material will fully understand and know what the right answer is for most questions as I did - but be left trying to decipher some hints or reasoning when it gets down to the closest possible two correct answer choices. This was where I was at for the majority of the questions that I marked as ones that I was not sure about. Woo material on top of the Doucette material helped greatly. I know this sounds lame but - due to the way that the Woo material was formatted with the smaller type size vs. Doucettes more organized design and layout with section headings and bullet points - I initially found it harder to sit with until I buckled down and dug into it. I definitely recommend the Woo mock exams and the general question sections at the end.
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