One Pass and a Thank You!

One Pass and a Thank You!

Postby Brooklyn617 » Thu Aug 16, 2018 6:08 pm

Thank you everyone for posting your questions and comments, it helped me prepare for the exam.

I just took my exam on Wednesday 8/15/2018 at the Queens NY location - it was very difficult! I used every minute, marked many of the questions, and just barely had time to review everything. I felt secure in my answers for about one-third of the questions. The remaining two-thirds I was usually torn between two right-seeming answers and just had to go with my gut.
When the test center employee printed my Congratulations page I had to take a minute - I really was not expecting a pass based on how I felt taking the test.

I studied using TWE and the Woo practice exams. I started out listening to the audio guides while walking my dog, which got me used to hearing the different acronyms and state agencies. Then I printed out the study guide and read and highlighted it, pulling out the sections on coastal & environmental regulations for extra study.

I printed all the flash cards and went through the first round eliminating the cards I knew. Then the cards I didn't know I reviewed in small batches until I got them down. Concurrently I took all of the Woo practice exams and most of OMCES. I found OMCES great for endurance. But the actual wording of the exam is more similar in style & substance to the Woo practice exams.

The weekend before the exam I took all of Sunday to go to all of the government agency websites and navigated to the different codes to understand the structure of the governing agencies.

In total I spent 5-6 weeks of consistent study. I read the guide in one weekend and then moved on to the flash cards and reviewed them heavily on every commute. Taking the practice exams to build up endurance and understand the mind games helped the most.

Good luck to everyone, thank you Coach for this forum.
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