Passed in Marin

Passed in Marin

Postby sidehiller » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:58 pm

Passed first time- CSE is done and I applied for my license this afternoon!

I studied for 5 weeks for at least 1 to 1-1/2 hours a night during the week (with a few exceptions) and every weekend ALL day. Casually at first and then intensively in the end. Keep in mind I have 10 years in the industry in a small residential firm. Getting the results right after finishing the test was refreshing; I wish NCARB did that with the ARE. Seriously that was the most nerve wracking time I spent... waiting for the results.

Here is the material I reviewed and studied:

1) The Whole Enchilada. What can I say, Mr. Doucette is pretty proud of his product and you'd better be prepared to hear about it over and over. The lectures are boring and dry as he pretty much just reads from his own study guide, but the information and listening to it is invaluable. But the combination of the Study Guide, Audio Companion, the OMCES (sample multiple choice questions) and the Project Scenarios are priceless. Oh, and don't figure on getting the app for your phone without another $40.

2) Archibald Woo study guide and mock exams. I didnt like the way his guide was written or the mock exam questions, but it was an excellent way to mix the two systems and have an insight into what to expect during the exam.

3) Schiff Hardin audio files for the B101 Owner-Architect Agreement and A201- 2017 General Conditions of the Contract (listened to each lecture one time). Great teacher! I will listen to his lectures anytime! ... notes-2015

Good luck all!
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Re: Passed in Marin

Postby markarch » Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:23 pm

CONGRATS! And this exactly describes my study plan.. except I have a fraction of your work experience in an office :shock: we'll see how I do in 3 weeks.

Question: did you ever read any of the links provided in the WE guide? I've only glanced at them and downloaded them (CalGreen, FEMA guide to seismic risks, Ventura Wetlands Permitting Guide, etc..) with hopes I can spend an hour on each closer to my test day.

Another question: what were your scores like the last times you took the practice exams for WE and Woo?
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