Passed, thanks be to God

Building Section Vignette and Multiple Choice

Passed, thanks be to God

Postby jdunks » Thu Apr 12, 2018 2:29 pm

Found out this morning. Spent a dicey night, because for my other three tests I found out on Wednesday morning, but this time NCARB waited an extra day.

Here's how I studied:
Caroline's notes (God bless Caroline and Jenny)
Kaplan, but never got around to the last 4 chapters or so
Kaplan Q&A, all of them
Schiff Harden lectures on A201 and B101, at least twice each
Read-thru of the other contracts mentioned on NCARB website for CDS - Consultant agreement, pay app, CO
75 or so free online Designer Hacks Q&A
4.0 vignette probably 10 times
3.1 vignette probably 3 times
NCARB 4.0 practice exam
NCARB 3.1 practice exam

For my job, I've written dozens of specs and gone thru CA many times, so those contents/processes were all very familiar to me. I have been the world's worst procrastinator in this 7-exam process, so I only had 3 weeks to study for this one, and still have a chance to take the rest and finish up 4.0 without transitioning. Do not want to retake MEP or Structural!!!

Did not turn Kaplan or Caroline into flash cards as I usually do, but this still worked out. I feel like I study diligently and God blesses what I do, so thanks be to Him for His grace.
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Re: Passed, thanks be to God

Postby YessAre » Thu Apr 26, 2018 6:35 pm

Hi I am happy you passed, I hope to do the same ... are Caroline's notes online ? Thank you
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Re: Passed, thanks be to God

Postby jdunks » Mon Apr 30, 2018 4:06 pm

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