Benefit of Waiving Subrogation?

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Benefit of Waiving Subrogation?

Postby bladeyoon » Mon Dec 25, 2017 8:24 pm


I understand that based on A201, there is a clause for a waiver of subrogation.
Now, I am wondering what the benefits for doing this? Is this used to protect each parties' reputation from any claims? and solve internally without having legal binding?
But, will any insurance companies allow this to happen?
From insurance companies' point of view, I believe they won't benefit anything from waiving subrogation.
They actually will have to pay for all losses covered under them and won't be able to recover from anybody.

I am dying to know more detail, so I can be crystal clear with this topic! :)
If anyone could clarify this for me, I will be very appreciated!

Thank you so much!
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