Building Section Vignette and Multiple Choice


Postby amb0020 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:11 am

SO excited to finally be able to write one of these posts! I want to remind everyone to not get discouraged. I failed so many of these, but none of it matters at the end!

For the CDS test, here is the list of study materials I used:
1st time:
-Kaplan book and practice exam. I wrote a study guide using this which I reread for round 2
-B101 Commentary
-Rich's Notes
-Designer Hacks free questions
-Flash cards I made
-I honestly went into this confident, and only failed one of the multiple choice sections

2nd time:
-Ballast Chapters for CDS. I wrote a study guide using this too
-Ballast sample exam/practice exam - I would recommend this for every test! These books were a huge help when I was struggling with a test.
-Schiff Hardin Lectures A101 and B101 - I listened to these during work and didn't think I was taking in everything he was saying, but I guess it helped.
-I reread both study guides and flash cards I made. I wrote study guides for every test I took. It's tedious, but it was a system that worked for me.

-The vignette was easy and I did it probably a total of 4 times prior to the test.

I definitely spent the least amount of time studying for this one, despite failing it once. It was the last one I took, so after Structures and Building Systems, I was ready for something less time consuming. Good luck to everyone!!
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